moveable type printing

NATURE OF ACTIVITY: educational laboratory

THEME: moveable type printing

DURATION: 1½ hours

DESTINATARI SCUOLE: nursery schools; primary schools

DESCRIPTION: The activity will begin with a close inspection of the museum’s copy of Daniel Bomberg’s Talmud, noting the particular features of the script and binding of Hebrew texts. The children will then construct in the laboratory, according to their ability, a little book printed manually with stamps and ink pads, comparably to the technique of printing with to moveable type.


  • to illustrate the invention of moveable type printing;
  • to introduce the children to Jewish language and culture in an

informed but playful way.

Cost: €90 up to 15 students. €5 for each extra student.

Educational activities are designed for a minimum of 15 students per class  up to a maximum of 25 students. 2 accompanying adults are allowed free entry, plus carers, where appropriate, for small or disabled children and those with learning difficulties.