laboratoty about degenerate art

WHERE: The Jewish Museum of Venice


 THEME: ‘degenerate art’

DURATA: 1½ hours

 TARGET SCHOOLS: secondary schools, I° class 3^ and II°


The activity begins with a brief introduction to Degenerate Art, explaining the origin of the name and its definition, and providing examples of artists included or excluded by the Nazi regime, with illustrations of their works. The children will then divide into groups and study the work of 4 artists (Carlo Levi, Soutine, etc), identifying the aspects that led them to be considered degenerate, or alternatively approved by the regime, while simultaneously linking these to events in the artists’ lives.


  • To get to know degenerate art and the artists who were considered proponents of its multifarious aspects
  • To set the term in its historical context
  • To understand the reasoning according to which totalitarian regimes banned certain artworks and embraced others
  • To find out about the lives of the artists accepted or rejected by the regimes
  • To discover the nature and extent of totalitarian regimes’ control over artistic production

Cost: €90 up to 15 students. €5 for each extra student

The laboratories dedicated to the Shoah are free in January and February as long as places are available

Educational activities are designed for a minimum of 15 students per class up to a maximum of 25 students. 2 accompanying adults are.