the almanac and Jewish holidays

NATURE OF ACTIVITY: interactive visit to museum and a synagogue

 THEME: the almanac and Jewish holidays

DURATION: 1½ hours


DESCRIPTION: interactive visits are divided into three parts. Fist the children are accompanied round the museum where they encounter the main recurring Jewish festivals, taking their cue from the objects on display. They will then try to fix in their minds the material studied in the first phase playing with a special memory device dedicated to the Jewish holidays in which they must recognise and link up pictures of the objects they have just seen with the appropriate festival name. Finally, the class will visit one of the Venetian synagogues.


  • to get to know and understand the main Jewish festivals.
  • to grasp the principal features of the synagogue, what they represent and how they are used.

Cost: €90 up to 15 students. €5 for each extra student.

Educational activities are designed for a minimum of 15 students per class up to a maximum of 25 students. 2 accompanying adults are allowed free entry, plus carers, where appropriate, for small or disabled children and those with learning difficulties.