Gino Bartali and how he became one of the Righteous among the Nations


THEME: Gino Bartali and how he became one of the Righteous among the Nations

DURATA: 2 hours

TARGET SCHOOLS: secondary schools, first grade, and two-year second grade


Who are ‘The Righteous Among the Nations’? How did it come about that a cycling champion like Gino Bartali should also become a ‘champion’ among the Righteous.

The life story of Gino Bartali is interwoven with that of the Resistance and with the many Jews who benefited from his invaluable service as courier on his trusty bicycle.

In the first half of the laboratory, students will encounter the great cycling champion through videos and written recollections. The teaching element will focus on the chronological reconstruction of historical and biographical events concerning the champion. During this part of the activity the children will work in groups and each of these will be provided with material to help them establish the sequence of facts.

In the second half, the students will reassemble together the different phases of the champion’s life and establish an overall chronology. With the conductor’s help the children will be helped to consider the importance of the choices Bartali made and how these influenced the historical events of the time.


  • to bring 20th century history closer to the children and help them to see how choices made by a single individual can influence the unfolding of historical events