laboratory about Chagall


NATURE OF ACTIVITY: laboratory and synagogue visit

 THEME: the art of Marc Chagall

DURATA: 2 hours

TARGET SCHOOLS: primary schools, first and second year secondary schools                               


at the start of the activity the students will go over the artist’s life, taking their cue from readings, including traditional Jewish short stories and illustrations of his works. The students will be divided into small groups and asked to make up stories using images from the artist’s work. At the end of the laboratory there will be a visit to one of the Venetian synagogues.


  • to get to know the painter Mark Chagall and place him in his historical and cultural context
  • to explore his particular Jewish background
  • to take inspiration from Chagall’s work to imaginatively create a short story
  • To grasp the principal features of the synagogue, what they represent and how they are used.

Cost: €90 up to 15 students. €5 for each extra student

Educational activities are designed for a minimum of 15 students per class up to a maximum of 25 students. 2 accompanying adults are allowed free entry, plus carers, where appropriate, for small or disabled children and those with learning difficulties.