laboratory about the Jewish dietary laws

NATURE OF ACTIVITY: learning laboratory

THEME: the Jewish dietary laws

DURATION: 1½ hours

 TARGET SCHOOLS: primary schools, first and second year secondary schools       


After a lighthearted introduction to the basic Jewish dietary laws, the children will be asked to think of traditional dishes from their own area which conform to the rules they have learnt about. They will then be asked to imagine the perfect menu for a hypothetical kosher restaurant which also meets local sustainability requirements. The laboratory will finish with a play session appropriate to the participating age group. To round off the activity the children will visit a synagogue.


  • to get to know the main Jewish dietary rules
  • to understand the social and local sustainability implications of the rules the students have learnt
  • to familiarise themselves with the Jews’ community meeting place and prayer house

Cost: €90 up to 15 students, €5 for each extra student

Educational activities are designed for a minimum of 15 students per class up to a maximum of 25 students. 2 accompanying adults are allowed free entry, plus carers, where appropriate, for small or disabled children and those with learning difficulties.