persecutions and the prejudice that enables them

WHERE: in the schools

NATURE OF ACTIVITY: Shoah teaching project; twinning of schools and museum

THEME: persecutions and the prejudice that enables them

DURATION: two training sessions with teachers lasting 1½ hours; meeting with class group involved in the project;

performance of the stage show “Cappuccetto Uf”

TARGET SCHOOLS: fifth level primary and first grade secondary schools


The classes or schools who decide to participate in “Cappuccetto Uf” can treat it as an annual project and/or an educational package around the Shoah. The training sessions for teachers qualify as advanced teacher-training activities (Ministerial Decree MIUR 90/2003).

Cappuccetto Uf is a piece for theatre by Jean-Claude Grumberg in which a parody of the story of Little Red Riding Hood (Cappuccetto Rosso) forms the basis of a satire on racial persecution.

The “Cappuccetto Uf” project involves a close collaboration between the participating schools and the Jewish Museum, constituting a genuine training programme for the teachers who will then work on it with their classes, as well as a theatrical experience for the children who stage it.

The project has been developed in collaboration with Cleup publishers, the rights-holders, who are offering copies of the book at a discounted price to the children involved.


      . to encourage the children to reflect on the Shoah, and more generally on the theme of prejudice and           persecution

  • to engage with the dynamics of working as a team

      Cost:: €150