Faces and stories of a community. Portraits objects memories

15 gennuary - 5 march
13 speaking portraits for a photo-exhibition dedicated to the Ghetto of Venice in it´s five-hundredth anniversary.
Concept: Paolo della Corte, Serena Guidobaldi
Foto: Paolo della Corte
Ricerca e testi: Serena Guidobaldi
Video e montaggio: Ampersand Video

Frantz e il Golem

12-30 Jennuary 2017
The originals pictures by Maurizio Quarello for the picture book "Frantz e il Golem" written by Irène Cohen-Janca printed in Italy by Orecchio Acerbo.

In the near past. The Venetian ghetto 1986-2016

18th september - 8th gennuary at 1.00 p.m.

Photography exhibition by Graziano Arici.
This selection of photos by Graziano Arici illustrating the life of the Ghetto of Venice in the most recent years (1986-2016) makes up a historical memory, and also a loving thought for the ones who are not here anymore.


17 April - 31 July 2016

Opening: Sunday 17 April, 5pm

The exhibition features the complete series of etchings by the artists invited by Beit Venezia
Jacqueline Nicholls
Josh Baum
Nathan Gotlib
Kyra Munk Matustik
Andi Arnovitz
Yael David Cohen
Sophie Herxheimer
Hillel Smith
Entrance with the Jewish Museum ticket

Umberto Tibaldi - The silence of "an anonymous in life"

The exibition was open in September and is still visitable inside the museum and with the same schedule of it.


A great photography exhibition, a trip throught the Jewish Italy with Alberto Falco Jona.

Joel Itman A collection of original ceramics 2015-2016 5776-5777

June 21th - August 31th 2015

Vernissage on Sunday June 21th at 5.30 p.m. with the artist

ZAGREB SYNAGOGUE 1867 1942 2015

Sunday Jan 18 th at 6 p.m.
vernissage with
Paolo Gnignati, president of the Jewish Community of Venice
Ognjen Kraus, president of the Zagreb Jewish Community
Scialom Bahbout, Chief Rabbi of Venezia
Luciano Mose Prelevic Chief Rabbi of Croatia

January 19 - March 3

PURIM by Michal Meron

9th March -27th April 2014
Sunday 9th March at 11.30 am inauguration with a small introduction by Riccardo Calimani.

The exhibition wants to bring into focus the audience’s attention in a festivity officially considered as a less important one, as it is not taught in the Torah, but that is a festivity long loved both by children and grown-ups. During such festivity it is a duty reading or listening to the meghilath Ester (Parchment telling the story of Queen Esther), celebrating and rejoicing , give food to friends and to poor people, with a wide sense of joy and sharing.

Michal Meron interpreted the story of Esther, setting it in the city of Venice, and, thanks to her art skill and to her positive attitude and sunny nature, succeeded in living to the narration a feeling of joy and happiness. With the help of Michal we shall meet the wicked Haman angry as its home has been drowned by the Venetian “Acqua alta” (water at flood level); the royal couriers moving on bicycles transported on gondolas and Mordechai who, in royal clothing, rides the king’s horse on a gondola. All this happens, however, in a so natural way that nothing strange seems about the performing of the Persian story among the palaces and the canal of the Most Serene Republic.

SPORT, SPORTMEN AND WOMEN, OLYMPIC GAMES in Europe during the War (1936-1948) organized by the Shoah Mémorial in Paris

3rd – 28th February 2014
Same fees and timetable of the Jewish Museum

Since their rediscovery the contemporary Olympic Games stir people’s interest and occupy a growing space in the collective imagination, in the society and in political life.
Olympic Games will be used from the ideological point of view for the spreading of Nazi propaganda all over Europe. As a reaction, a number of pleas to boycott the Games on behalf of basic principles of democracies are launched. The ineffectiveness of opinion campaigns for the boycott, the relinquishment of the national Olympic committees to take a stand against it, as well as the unprecedented media arousing about this edition of the Olympic Games seem to make it unavoidable that the Olympics have to take place in Berlin.
When World War II sparks off the Nazi terror all around Europe, sport becomes an instrument of submission and of cruelty used against the victims of the universe of concentration camps.
The exhibition, organized by the Shoah Mémorial in Paris and the enclosed seminar have been strongly wanted by the Jewish Community of Venice and Coopculture and supported by the Shoah Mémorial in Paris


by Angelo Zennaro
from 6 December 2013 until 31 January 2014

On occasion of the commemoration activities of the Holocaust Victims Memorial Day 2014 the Jewish Museum of Venice presents the art exhibition “Through Memory” by Angelo Zennaro.

Art and Shoah: a binomial already proposed on other occasions that offers the visitors an approach to an historic and critical interpretation leading to alternative meditation.

The exhibition intends to evaluate all the aspects that contribute to the crossing of the threshold of hope, finding in light, colour, forms the synthesis of shared values..

OUTSIDER IN A BOX a solo show by Dwora Fried

June 2nd - September 12th 2013
Jewish Museum of Venice

Opening Sunday June 2nd at 12 a.m.
from 11.30 a.m. widespread performances by "A Jewish Opera" musicians

La storia dell’ADEI di Venezia dal 1928, anno della sua fondazione, ai giorni nostri

documentary exhibition
until Nov 25 2012


Alex Levac
David Silverman
Martin Holt
Shahar Marcus

curated by
Ziva Kraus

until Nov 25th

FRAGOLE A GENNAIO - Alejandra Okret

temporary exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Venice
in partnership with IKONA VENEZIA
Jewish Community of Venice
Pierreci Codess Coopcultura

Jun 10th - Aug 26th
Sunday - Friday 10 am - 7 pm
info: museoebraico@pierrecicodess.it

La storia dell’ADEI di Venezia dal 1928, anno della sua fondazione, ai giorni nostri

documentary exhibition
from Nov 30th 2011 - until Jan 8th 2012


from Nov 20th until Nov 27th

Elevazioni e Permutazioni 3. Artists and Qabbalah

curated by Maria Luisa Trevisan
until Nov. 10th

Artists: Ariela Böhm, Giovanni Bonaldi, Alberto Di Fabio, Belu Fainaru, Dorit Feldman, Franco Gazzarri, Anselm Kiefer, Jiri Kolar, Frank Lalou, Gabriele Levy, Yudah Nathan Lev, Giorgio Linda, Sirio Luginbühl, Gabriele Mandel Khân, Marino Marinelli, Barbara Nahmad, Pain Azyme, Giampiero Poggiali Berlinghieri, Fishel Rabinowicz, Tobia Ravà, Raphael Reizel, Hana Silberstein, Carla Viparelli.


FROM THE 7th NOVEMBER 2010 TO THE 31st JANUARY 2011. The Jewish Museum of Venice, in collaboration with Mémorial della Shoah of Paris, will house the exibition XXth THE CENTURY OF GENOCIDES.


FROM THE 12th OF DECEMBER 2010 TO THE 31st JANUARY 2011 the Jewish Museum of Venice will house the exibition of Maurizio Quarello´s drawings for "Anne´s tree".


From September 6th 2009 to January 31th 2010

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Anne Frank una storia attuale

Jewish Museum of Venice
November 2008

Venice Views on Ghetto

Atmosphere and emotions from the oldest ghetto in the world. Jewish Museum, Venice
visit theViews on Ghetto web site


An exhibition organized by the Associazione figli della Shoah.
Starting by the rail line n°21 of Milano railway station, used, during the second world war, for the jews deportations, the exhibition presents a travel between documents to remind the jews holocaust and to show the hope thanks to the survivors´stories.

Venice, Cannaregio, Sala S. Leonardo, 10-26 January 2007 from 9 a.m. to 7 pm , every days except saturday.

RICHARD LÖWY - Un ebreo a Moena Dalla Grande Guerra alla Shoà

The exhibition - realized in 2004 at Ladin Cultural Institute of Moena- was represented in Venice at the Jewish Museum from April to July 2005.

La mostra è aperta dal 15 aprile al 17 luglio negli stessi orari del museo. Chiusa il sabato e, per Pesach, nei giorni 24 e 25 aprile e il 1 maggio.

LUIGI ROCCA A new experience Jerushalaim - New York Venezia

The international renowned hiper realist painter Luigi Rocca has displayed his exhibition "Jerushalaim - New York - Venezia" at the Jewish Museum of Venice from Sept. 5th 2004 to Feb. 28th 2005.
Jerusalem, New York and Venice seen and observed by the artist; a look inside the cities, but above all on the Jewish Communities embedded within them.
The exhibition was organized on the occasion of the European Day of Jewish Culture, in the collaboration with Melori & Rosenberg Art Gallery and with the contribution of the Municipality of Venice.
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Makom ghetto dependence


Animals & men in Mordacai Moreh´s drawings and engravings. The visionary artist represents animals such as cats, hedgehogs and birds with very particular human characters in dreaming and misterious settings.
May-August 2004. Jewish Museum of Venice.

Ariela Bohm I segni della parola

The roman artist presented at the Jewish Museum of Venice a collection of Raku technique terracotta works inspired by the importance of the Writing, and its signs,considered the matter of culture.
Jan-Apr 2004
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